CASIA2 Dynamic Vault Application for Post-op ICL Surgery – Interview

Expert Talk
CASIA2 Dynamic Vault Application for Post-op ICL Surgery – Interview

Details about the soon to come ICL application in CASIA2

The potential of CASIA2 is so amazing, that soon we will launch a new application function for post-op ICL surgery (or any kind of phakic IOL surgery) based upon the fantastic study, which was done by Dr. Felix Gonzalez-Lopez in regards to the dynamic vault already in 2018 ("Dynamic Assessment of Light-Induced Vaulting Changes of Implantable Collamer Lens With Central Port by Swept-Source OCT: Pilot Study"). It was developed together with him in the past two years and now we are almost ready to launch it.

Please take the time to watch the full interview and learn more about the new upcoming features in TOMEY CASIA2.
We are very certain that you will like it.

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